At Turquoise Beach we have looked far and wide to bring you the best Turkish pestemal towels. We are Australians, one half with Turkish background and the other half 3rd generation textile professional based in Singapore. We love these towels because they are perfect for the humid climate and the pool and beach lifestyle of both our home and adopted countries.

Eco-friendly and luxurious Turkish cotton sets these towels apart. Turkey has a long history of cotton production dating back to 400AD and farmers still rely on traditional farming techniques to produce these beautiful towels. The warm climate is ideal for growing cotton and soil in the region stores water in an effective way resulting in less irrigation and water usage reducing the impact on the environment.

Cotton grown in Turkey has smooth long fibres that allow a loose weave to remain lightweight whilst still being very absorbent. This means the towels are fast drying and compact. From beach to pool side, to the bathtub, yoga studio and overnight bag, these towels will become an essential part of your life!

All our towels are made in Turkey from 100% Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certified Turkish Cotton. We believe in high quality artisan produced products that perfectly fit into our modern lives.