Why Simone Foster-Lim loves our Turkish Towels

SFL Turkish Towel Instagram feed

Simone Foster-Lim, aka @yourstylearchitect has been a blogger and an avid supporter of independent brands since 2012. Her blog www.yourstylearchitect.com showcases curated fashion and lifestyle products with a focus on supporting small and/or local businesses which are fashionably conscious.

At Turquoise Beach we love Simone's fun and colourful style and her philosophy of favouring slow fashion, businesses that give back to the community and brands that promote eco-friendly materials and products.

Check out our interview with her below and why she loves our Turkish Towels below.

How did you get started?
I started blogging back in 2012 when I first setup my online clothing blog shop with a good friend. We sold mainly online with collaborations with successful bloggers at that time and marketing ourselves actively on social media like Facebook. At that time, Instagram has not quite caught on yet.

Hence, I started my own blog to highlight our products and from then on, have continued to keep it going till today. Of course through the years and with my relocation first to Hong Kong in 2013 and now back to Singapore in 2017, my blog – Simone – Your Style Architect, had taken different turns and focuses as I tried to navigate my life with my blogging.  

Why do you love Turquoise Turkish Towels?
I have heard of Turkish towels before, however had never felt the push to purchase them. “It’s just another beach / pool towel” I would think to myself. However when I held my very first Turkish towel in my hands from Turquoise Beach Co., it felt so soft and I love the range of colors that Turquoise Towels offer. Some striking colours which are perfect to stand out in the crowd when you are on the beach and yet, some gorgeous patterns that add some texture and fun to your outing. I was equally surprised when I took these towels to the pool. It’s perfect size allows me to cover myself up in them and yet look stylishly chic - instead of looking like a Burrito in a regular bath towel! Of course once out of the pool, I was surprised that it dried me up well – absorbing most of the dripping water off me and yet it dried out quickly whilst I was sipping my cocktail by the pool.

What is your philosophy?
Today, I find myself connecting more with brand designers and business owners themselves which therefore have steered me in the direction of supporting these small and/or local businesses as well as to encourage people to be more fashionably conscious in their purchases.

Especially during the lockdown period of this Covid-19 Pandemic, retail needed more support from us influencers and bloggers to spread the word of their brands and products. Being stuck at home for weeks, this was the best time for me to work with many local and made in Singapore businesses and brands which I had never been made aware of and connected well with them. Getting to know these business owners and deisgners, I truly believed in their products and what they stood for and therefore wanted to showcase their products to the world’s stage.

The little I can do to showcase these products for them and to see international as well as more local customers purchasing their items, gives me so much satisfaction that I have done my best to support them.

Which local brands do you love and why?
This is a tough question cos I am a fashion blogger so often my favourite brands are all fashionwear related. However, to be fair – I would not like to list them out here as each and every brand I have worked with have their uniqueness that they bring to the table. With that said, I would always favour brands that are slow fashion, one that gives back to the community and of course, brands that promote eco friendly materials and products. We cannot delay anymore for our future generation by supporting fast fashion where so many repercussions are already happening now as we speak i.e global warming, animal testing etc.

What’s next for you?
I certainly do enjoy blogging a lot and the added motivation that many of these brands also consider me as an influencer - seeing how my honest opinion and reviews of their items I showcase is accepted and followed by my followers, is very encouraging.

Of course as I love fashion a lot, I do not foresee myself stopping in anyway in this realm of blogging and influencing however now with the ease of IGTV, I would like to start creating more videos to showcase my items but in a more creative way and pushing the boundaries a little more when I can. Likewise for the still shots that you see in my feed. You would have notice how my photography style has evolved in recent months so this is the new direction I want to take. To somehow “ tell a story” with my videos and my pictures.