Luxury at home with Turquoise Beach

From WFH to HBL, many acronyms have popped up since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. We may frown at SHN. But SHL? 😍 Yes please!

For us, SHL means “Stay Home Luxury”. Home is indeed where the heart is and it can also be where you relish in simple pleasures and little luxuries. On days when stricter COVID-19 curbs are in place, what could be better than remaining at home with your loved ones and having a jolly good time together?

Here are some ideas to help kickstart your very own SHL experience!

1. DIY Spa Session
Transform your space into a spa sanctuary, order your favourite hair and beauty products. Get a cosy robe and light up candles and play soothing music in the background. Start with a mask as you sip on lemon-cucumber water before jumping into the shower, or do a long soak in a bath tub filled with essential oil and rose petals. This could be your “me-time” to engage in some relaxation or make it a couple bonding session with your special someone.

2. Workout From Home

Self care is a form of luxury. Nowadays it’s easy to maintain physical wellness at home without visiting the gym. Not all of us have access to a home treadmill or elliptical machine, but you can still reboot your exercise regime by practising yoga, following various workout programs on Youtube or finally starting strength training in the comfort of your living room.

3. Spend Time With Family

While being cooped up at home might seem boring, don’t forget time is luxury. This is the golden opportunity to create memories with your family under one roof. Bring on family-friendly games with your children. Introduce themed movie nights, complete with costume dress-ups! For those with outdoor space at home, why not get an inflatable pool for your entire family to enjoy in? Splashing about under the sun is also a fun and fabulous way to cool down when the weather is hot and humid.

4. Home Foodie Experiences

If you are quickly running out of take-out ideas. It’s time to put on an apron and channel your inner Masterchef! Try out new cuisines, recipes or ingredients. Make it a family affair by gathering your children to cook up a storm together. Want to go at it alone? Challenge yourself to prepare a three-course meal inspired by your travels previously. Now is perhaps the best time to buy the ice-cream maker you’ve been eyeing or get that cookbook that you’ve always wanted. After all, small luxuries are the easiest ways to add a little joy to our daily routines.