Everything to know about Turkish Towels


At Turquoise Beach Co we’re curators of high-quality artisanal products that fit perfectly into modern life. This is one of the reasons why we’ve made it our mission to search far and wide to find genuinely premium Turkish Pestemal towels. 

Turkey has a long history of cotton production, dating back to 400AD.  Even today, farmers still rely on traditional, eco-friendly farming techniques to produce these beautiful towels. As a sustainably focused brand, we believe in bringing our customers outstanding artisan merchandise that is never mass produced.  We want our customers to rely on us, fall in love with our products and return to us again and again.

For any questions relating to Turkish Towels, we hope we’ve covered as much as possible, but if not, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is a Turkish Towel?

Turkish Towels have lots of different names, but they all come under the same umbrella.  Sometimes they are referred to as their Turkish names, Pestamels, Foutas or Turkish Peshtemal towels. 

The beauty of Turkish Towels is the cotton used to make them.  The cotton farmed in Turkey has smooth, long fibers that allow a loose weave to remain lightweight while still being super-absorbent. Our towels are flat woven which makes them so versatile because they’re exceptionally fast drying and compact. They are the ideal “all in one” item for home use, sports, travel and they’re easily packed inside a school bag.

There is no need to use any other type of towel!  Forget those old, loopy terry towels that are bulky, soggy, sand magnets and take up precious room in a bag and try Turkish Towels instead.

What is so Special About Turkish Towels? 

When using a Turkish Towel, there is something special about them that simply makes them more desirable than a regular beach or bath towel. Not only are they fabulous to look at, with their often bold colors and geometric designs, but they’re also super-absorbent, and stylish.

The structure of a Turkish Towel is extremely light, and even when wet, a Turkish Towel retains its delicate weight, so it never feels heavy. Poolside, while practicing yoga, for the beach, after a strenuous work-out, to add decadent design to a bathroom or a pop of vibrant color, Turkish Towels have endless uses and because they’re superb quality, they last for a long while, designed to keep the user cool, dry and comfortable – with an abundance of stylish designs to choose from.

 Can Turkish Towels be Used as Bath Towels?

Turkish Towels are the perfect bathroom accessory due their fast drying and space-saving qualities. We offer our towels in a variety of colors and patterns, from bright and playful to monochrome and pastels.  There’s something to suit any bathroom. For example, our waffle towel has quickly become a bestseller as the ideal bathroom accessory. There’s no need to keep soggy, musty loopy terry towels.  Instead, discover a luxe bathing experience with our outstanding collection of Turkish Towels that become more absorbent and even softer with each wash.

How are Turkish Towels Made? 

All our towels are made in the Denizli region in Turkey which is approximately 150 kilometers inland the Aegean coast. The name “Deniz” in Turkish translates to sea due to its abundant water supply. This region benefits from the ideal eco-system, excellent water sources, fertile soil and the right climate to grow cotton in a sustainable way. The cotton has smooth, long fibers that can be twisted into thinner yarns, so our towels boast a loose weave. These thin yarns allow for more loops to be made within the towel’s surface area, increasing the absorption level and keeping them nicely lightweight.  All our towels are made in Turkey from 100% Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certified Turkish Cotton. We believe in high quality artisan produced products that perfectly fit into modern life.

Can Turkish Towels Go in the Dryer? 

Considering the fast-drying capability of Turkish Towels, there is no need to toss them into the dryer – which saves on electricity. They are not designed for this purpose, because the hand-tied tassels may untie, and the premium Turkish cotton may degrade under excessive heat. Instead, we recommend air drying instead to keep these towels in perfect condition. 

What’s the Best Way to Wash Turkish Towels?

To enhance the longevity of Turkish Towels, they need to be washed with care. Wash in cold or warm water and on a gentle cycle. Avoid using fabric softeners, as the silicone in them can make these towels less absorbent. If excessive detergent use has affected the softness, add a cup of white vinegar to recover it.

How to Spot a Premium Quality Turkish Towel

Our towels are pre-washed and 100% Oeko-Tex® 100 standard certified Turkish cotton. This means no nasty chemicals and our cotton is as natural as possible – as nature intended!  Our brand is for those who value artisan products that are not mass produced.

Endless Ways to Use Turkish Towels

Turkish Peshtemal towels are so versatile and can be used for any situation – whether at home, in the bathroom or to take to the gym, perhaps for yoga or for children’s swimming lessons.  Ideal for the beach, for a sumptuous picnic, for vacations – a Turkish Towel is totally practical, while always looking good.

Enjoy Using Turkish Towels

  • Think of it as an multipurpose personal towel and it’s ideal for pampering sessions. Obviously, it’s ideal after a shower or a long soak in the bath. As a Turkish Towel dries so quickly, it will always be ready for use because it won’t stay damp for long.
  • Turkish Towels are eye-catching and always gain compliments. They’re the ideal companion at the beach when color is always attractive. Not only does it dry quickly, give cover well and serve as a beach towel to sunbathe on, it doesn’t hold onto sand, it simply shakes it off and dries so quickly you won’t end up carrying a gallon of sea water home with you either! Simply allow to dry (just a few minutes), shake off the sand in a second and pack away when it’s time to go home.  
  • Take a Turkish Towel to the park for a picnic, as a picnic blanket and it’s not bulky either – so you get more room for yummy food!
  • Turkish Towels are so striking and so lightweight, plenty of people use them as a fabulous sarong on holiday to quickly cover up from beach to bar.
  • For extra warmth on a cold night or when traveling by plane in that blowy aircon, use it as a light version of a throw blanket. It also doubles up as a gorgeous Pashmina. Our Aegean towel adds a useful extra layer of warmth when needed, while always looking good too.

Amazing Ways for the Kids and All the Family to Enjoy Turkish Towels!

One of our all-time family favorites is the Amalfi Bold Stripe Cherry Red beach towel – it’s a family’s go-to Turkish Towel for so many reasons.

  • It’s made with premium Oeko-Tex certified cotton with stunning hand tied tassels, super-soft, lightweight and practical.
  • It’s easy to pack because it’s so compact.
  • Highly absorbent, it won’t ever feel soggy or heavy.
  • Use it at the pool, take to the beach or even while travelling.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to buy this towel for children, get the perfect gift from our store.

Other Ways to Get the Most out of a Turkish Towel

Turkish Towels can style up a home. Here are some amazing ways to add a new dimension to interior décor.

  • Use it as a blanket at the end of a bed.
  • Make a fun yet striking pet bed for pets.
  • Use a Turkish Towel as a yoga mat cover.
  • Cover a sun-lounger with it for home sunbathing.
  • Fold it up into a comfortable and smart looking pillow.
  • Use it as a stroller cover.
  • Create a focal point on a wall and hang it as a wall tapestry.
  • Put it at the head of a bed and transform it into a gorgeous headboard.
  • It makes a great blanket fort for children.
  • Use it as a car seat cover.
  • Decorate bathrooms with a few Turkish Towels to make head-turning spaces.
  • Use it as a table runner.
  • Having a dinner party? A Turkish Towel makes a handsome tablecloth.
  • Make a Turkish Towel the envy of everyone else’s at the guest pool.
  • Take it camping.
  • Get rid of any bulky towels in a closet and replace them with lightweight, thin Turkish Towels for a neater space and to make room for other bits and pieces.
  • Never be uncomfortable again when used as a seat pad at a sports’ stadium.

Types of Turkish Towels

Find out more about a few of the varieties of Turkish Towels that we stock.

Stonewash Towel

This beautiful towel is available in charcoal, coral, mint, navy and sand colors. It is elegantly distressed, super-soft and slightly heavier in texture and weight. The material used in production is 100% Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certified Turkish cotton for a lush feel.

The towel is durable, absorbent and eco-friendly. It is the best type of towel for any bathroom, the beach, pool, yoga or when travelling overnight.

Fun fact! Unlike other fabrics, it gets better and softer every time it’s washed.


  • It weighs a mere 370 grams.
  • It measures 90 cm x 170 cm.

Order from an abundance of colors today for only $49.00!

Waffle Towel

This splendid Turkish Towel comes in three earthy colors: white, charcoal and sand.

The waffle weave towel complements any bathroom perfectly, no matter what décor scheme. Like all other premium products that we stock, it is made from premium 100% Oeko-Tex® 100 standard certified Turkish cotton.

The raised waffle weave pattern has remarkable texture, it’s so luxurious yet lightweight and a really compact companion. Enjoy it’s exceedingly soft, absorbent and eco-friendly qualities.  As expected, it gets better with every wash.

Living in a humid climate?  Then our waffle weave is the ideal accessory because it’s never heavy and it doesn’t hold onto moisture. It won’t even take up much space at home.

Give the gift of a waffle Turkish Towel to someone to appreciate – it makes a brilliant house-warming present. 

Item Features

  • It weighs just 400 grams.
  • It measures 85cm x 170cm of 85 cm.

Shop with Us & See Other Products

We have a stunning collection that suits the needs of every Pestemal towel lover. Our prices are friendly, yet full of value.  The only problem is what to choose… Need help with making that choice?  Reach out to us and we will help.  It’s time to replace current terry towels with our incredibly versatile Turkish Towels. View our amazing collection today.

A Few Quick Q&A’s

What’s the difference between Turkish Towels and Regular Towels?

Turkish Towels are lighter in weight, so much more absorbent and they’re eco-friendly.  There’s no need to dry them in the dryer (they dry very quickly – just air-dry).  They also improve wash after wash as they get softer, whereas terry towels tend to deteriorate.  They don’t hold onto water unlike terry towels that end up holding onto water, taking a long while to dry out.  Turkish Towels will never dry “hard”, unlike terry towels, which often end up rough to the touch after using.  Turkish Towels are much more compact too, they’re easy to store and are ideal for the gym, the beach, to work-out – wherever, the lightweight nature of the towels means more space in a bag and less bulkiness to carry. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Turkish Towels?

There are no disadvantages but plenty of advantages:  

  • They’re colorful with striking designs.
  • They’re made with 100% eco-friendly cotton.
  • They improve wash after wash.
  • They’re versatile, use for any reason!
  • They’re absorbent and lightweight.
  • They don’t hold onto sand.
  • They’re space-saving.
  • They’re great value for money.
  • They’re sustainable.

What are the Best Turkish Towels?

Ours!  We believe ours are premium quality Turkish Towels and we’ve scoured Turkey to find the very best possible products.  Made in Denizli, with hand-tied tassels, first-rate Turkish cotton and the most incredible detail, our bold, striking and sustainable towels will really turn heads – they’re just so soft, so comfortable and so good-looking, and our customer feedback confirms all of the above!

Where Can I Buy Turkish Bath Towels?

Right here on our website – for a gorgeous selection, find Turkish bath towels by clicking on this link.

Are Turkish Towels Absorbent?

Yes, because of their long, smooth cotton fibers and flat-weave they simply don’t hold onto water making them fast-drying and extremely durable.

Are Turkish Towels Sand-Free?

While we can’t stop sand landing on Turkish Towels at the beach – simply pick the towel up and give it a light shake, the sand quite literally drops off. No more bags full of sand when you get home.

Are Turkish Towels Worth it?

Absolutely!  Not only do they last longer than terry towels, but they also improve with every wash, getting softer and softer.  They are better than regular towels when it comes to absorbing water, they’re fast drying (no need to use a dryer making them more sustainable too) plus their geometric patterns and fabulously vibrant shades make them adorable to look at. 

Why are Turkish Towels so Expensive?

We believe our Turkish Towels are very good value for money.  Simply because of all of the above.  They’re really versatile, they look great for longer, they’re sustainable, fast drying, boast great absorption and they’re made out of fine quality Turkish cotton.  Being a natural fiber, they’re kind to the skin too and their appearance is certainly far more eye-catching than unattractive terry towels.

What types of Turkish Towels are Available?

Visit our website, for Turkish Towels for every occasion.  Our larger Turkish bath towels means wrapping up nice and warm after a long soak and drying off super-fast due to the absorption speed.  Our kitchen towels continue to grow as a category, and we have lots more being added so keep clicking here to find out what’s in store.  We’ve also got an array of stunning Turkish hand towels – for use in a guest bathroom and to wow family and friends.  There are also a collection of Turkish Towels without tassels.  For monochrome towels, click here to see our incredible black and white Turkish bath towels.

Where can I buy Turkish Bath Towels?

Right here on our website – and we’ve got the best collection of all!