Buh-bye plastic. We use 100% plant-based packaging!

Did you know it takes 400 years or more for traditional plastic shipping mailers to break down in landfill? 

We knew there had to be a better way so we have joined forces with Hero Packaging to send your products in 100% compostable mailers. HEROPACKS are made from Cassava roots and cornstarch, these babies are completely plant-based. This means NO MORE PLASTIC! They break down in 90 days in a compostable environment and leave zero chemical residue. 

So what is the difference between compostable and biodegradable? Basically, biodegradable products break down into smaller micro-plastics which still contaminate the environment. Certified home-compostable products break down as if they were never there, and can also be safely eaten by worms. Therefore, a compostable product is always preferable over a biodegradable product. The best part is that they break down in landfill and will also break down in water if they get into the waterways. We love our beaches and oceans so that is fantastic news!

These mailers also have a second self-adhesive strip so they are re-usable! Simply take care to when opening the mailer to reveal a second seal. This means you can receive your products and also return them in the same package. Super convenient and Earth-friendly 🌏 

By choosing us, you are saving our plant, one (compostable) package at a time!