An Introduction to Turkish Towels


Wrap yourself up in the decadent beauty of Turkish cotton…

There’s something special about Turkish towels that simply makes them more desirable than a regular beach or bath towel. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they’re also super-absorbent, lightweight and stylish. As well as their practical and durable nature, they are the ultimate products for any bathroom or wherever you choose to take yours! If you’ve never considered buying a Turkish towel, perhaps we can give you some insider information on what makes a Turkish towel a must-have at home, inside your gym bag or to take to the beach.

Oh So Versatile Turkish Towels

Visit any Turkish Hammam for an invigorating soak and a massage or spend a hot summer in atmospheric Turkey and you’re bound to notice that Turkish towels are the towel of choice. They aren’t just called Turkish towels either – they have rather exotic names and you might hear them referred to as “Peshtamels”, “Foutas” or Hammam towels and you won’t just find them at your favourite Turkish baths.  They’re so absorbent (and comfortable to wear) that the world’s best spas and luxury hotels often use them above other towel products. 

Roam around Instagram (you’ll find ours Instagram here) and doubtless you’ll notice that celebrity and A-listers’ homes often sport Turkish towels in their bathrooms, or dotted around their private pools, and their gorgeous woven designs such as our Cannes towel for example really do catch the eye. 

Another place where you’ll likely have come across a Turkish towel (or two!) is your fitness studio or gym – the top-class health clubs usually use Turkish towels in preference to terry toweling, and it’s no surprise, they’re far better next to your skin. Versatile, colourful and often highly decorative with geometric designs like our Ibiza towel their origins date back thousands of years to ancient times where the aristocracy wore them in the public bathhouses of the Ottoman and Roman Empires. 

Why You’ll Love their Practical Beauty

The structure of a Turkish Towel is extremely lightweight, and even when wet, a Turkish Towel retains its delicate weight which means it won’t ever weigh you down. This is due to their material, as they are mainly crafted from quality cotton or linen. Long ago, Turkish Towels were hand-woven and the tassels hand-knotted. Nowadays, our Turquoise Beach Turkish Towels are still made in the Denizli region of Turkey so they’re true artisan products. The cotton in the area is famed for its super-soft long fibres. Additionally, what’s even nicer to know is that these locally produced towels are still handmade, although the advances of modern technology help to speed up the process. 

The All-In-One Towel

Poolside, while practicing yoga, for the beach, after a strenuous work-out or to add a decadent design to your bathroom or a pop of vibrant colour, Turkish Towels have endless uses and because they’re of superb quality, they last for a long while, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable whenever you reach for your favourite design.  At Turquoise Beach, we have numerous colours, designs and sizes to suit small children right up to our oversized peshtamels perfect to wrap up in after a shower or a swim, but equally versatile for family picnics.  Our Turkish towels are also eco-friendly because they’re made from cotton, fast-drying and they’re space-saving too, no more bulky toweling towels taking up precious room in your bag!

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