A Brief History of the Turkish Towel

Turkish Towel Turkish Bath

Turkish towels, Pestemals, Foutas or Hammam towels are found around the world in homes, spas, boutiques, luxury hotels, fitness studios and of course your IG feed! They are famous for their distinctive designs and versatility but did you know they have their origins dating back to ancient times and were an important tradition in the public bathhouses of the Ottoman Empire.

The public bath, or Hammam has a long history in the Mediterranean and has its origins in the Roman thermae spa baths. In the centuries before modern plumbing, the first Roman baths are estimated to have been built in 2nd century BC and quickly grew to become an important tradition in Roman and Byzantine empires stretching from Europe, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. The water was supplied to the public bathhouses by healing thermal waters or the extensive aqueduct systems built by the Roman.

The Turkish bath is famous today and luxury spas emulate the pampering bathing experience which usually begins by wearing a Turkish Towel or Peshtemal. The treatment room usually has a heated marble slab in the middle over an ornate domed ceiling with marble bathing stations and brass tapware. Visitors lounge on the heated stone slab for vigorous exfoliation followed bathing with hot water at the bathing stations. The bathing ritual often involves a hot room, warm room & cold room where visitors moved through these room to stimulate blood flow and detoxification.

The Turkish towel became a key part of the bathing tradition as they stayed light when wet and are highly absorbent. Turkish towels are made from cotton, linen, or bamboo and were customarily created with handlooms woven in various patterns by skilled craftsmen, while the tassels were hand-knotted by local women. The Ottoman Empire brought style, design, and innovation to the towels.

Today, Turkish towels are made in the Denizli region renowned for its premium long-fibre cotton. While modern technology may now to help create the towels, the process is essentially the same and each towel is still hand-finished by a local artisan guaranteeing quality of every towel made and produced.

Turkish towels are lightweight, dry quickly, and can be used in so many different environments. People worldwide use Turkish towels in their everyday lives because they recognise the amazing quality and versatility of Turkish towels. Grab your Turkish towel and head to a yoga class or enjoy the softness of a waffle weave after a nice long bath. Your Turkish towel options are endless and will quickly become an essential part of your life or home.

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